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Envy the models with glamorous and sexy eyelashes? Their secret is now revealed. You can now achieve those glamorous eyelashes by perming.

Eyelash perming is now offered in various salons here in the Philippines. Perming makes your lashes more visible as they will curl close up to your lids. You don’t need mascara and curler anymore. If you prefer to go outside without eye make up, then eyelash perming suits you.

Usually, eyelash rates range form Php 200 to Php 1,300 depending on the brand used that could last from one to four months. The process only takes forty minutes to one hour. Eyelash perming enhances the appearance dramatically without going over the top.

Though this treatment has an amazing result, still, lack of FDA’s approval combined with a few documented cases of irrepairable damage cast a small shadow of doubt on the safety of this procedure.

Making yourself beautiful is not a sin but taking precautions into consideration is also necessary.

–Contributed by Jane Alameda

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